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PagesJaunes is the french leader for local search. More than a directory, we also provide services like online booking, online appointments, reviews, rich content etc... PagesJaunes Digital Mobile Department is based in Paris. We are organized in 6 features teams that are composed of about 10 members (iOS/Android developers, backend Java developers, Q&A, product owner, scrum master, designer)

iOS @ PagesJaunes

Our application have been downloaded more than 26 millions times. Each day 200 000 iOS users visit our application with less than 0.2% crash-rate! Its 60 000 lines of code are an amusing mix of Swift & Objective-C, all new features are thought and coded as swiftly as we can. Unit and functionnal tests are run at each pull request on a continous integration solution based on Bitrise.

PagesJaunes @ dotSwift

dotSwift is the first Swift conference in Paris, France. As all invested iOS developers we are always excited about learning and sharing about Swift and its philosophy. This young but promising language is every day a sunbeam at work. dotSwift is one of the best way to meet other developers from the iOS community, and here at PagesJaunes, we really love meeting people ;-). That's why we're proud of supporting dotSwift!

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@NikKooDurand: Nicolas Durand, Head of Mobile Engineering

@j_godon: Jérémie Godon, Lead Dev iOS

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