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About iD.apps

iD.apps is a French leader of mobile apps development. We published over 400 apps on stores with over 15 millions of daily users. We develop B2B and B2C apps available on stores and Business Line Apps with in house deployment. A very interesting fact about our projects is that almost each one is really singular, bringing its own part of technical challenge. We are structured by 2 development centers in Rennes and Boulogne-Billancourt dedicated to fixed price projects. We also accompany our clients through experts that work by their side.

iD.apps, iOS, Objective-C and … Swift!

iOS is a must-have platform for mobile apps. Almost any apps on store has its iOS version. At iD.apps we try to participate every year to the WWDC in San Francisco to get as closed as possible to the platform evolutions. In 2014 iOS developers faced a major revolution with Swift language as an alternative to the well-used Objective-C. iD.apps took the swift train early on, as soon as the language was announced at WWDC’14. We even released our full-swift app in the last quarter of 2014. We now have a full team of experts on protocol oriented programming and functional programming leveraging all of the power and the ease of coding of Swift. Today, except for clients specifically requesting Objective-C, all of our new projects are developed a 100% with Swift.

dotSwift & iD.apps

As a swift dedicated conference, dotSwift is really the place to be ! We are proud to be the Platinum sponsor this year and hope to discuss, share and learn a lot about Swift, iOS and mobile apps by meeting you!